The person who dares to stand there

and  Verbally, Emotionally, Psychologically OR EVEN PHYSICALLY Abuse You

DOES NOT deserve Your time, Your space, OR be in Your life,


Do you know why I write these posts?

Because I have been there.

And honestly speaking, I am STILL in it.

I will tell you more when I can speak more freely about it…. But in the meantime, this is my therapy. 

I am one to help others in need and are in the same shoes I walked in.

Don’t EVER feel the need to feel sorry for them! DON’T Think for one second that you are to blame!!!!!

You definitely KNOW when you have been emotionally abused. It’s very different from any other abuse. There is guilt, belittling, and projection of blame.  They will have you feeling responsible for their actions making it seem like it was you who made them act the way they did!! WRONG!!!!!  It’s not you!!  You most certainly know, deep down,  exactly what just happened because it happens all too often! Am I right?  I don’t know about you, but I always felt trapped. I couldn’t speak without already knowing the next abusive response. It was like speaking to a 2-year-old who was out of control! SO I WALK AWAY!
THEY are NOT interested in anything YOU have to offer. They are only interested  in  THEIR agenda! CONTROL!! They are like a machine constantly spewing whatever it can to hit you hard enough and shut you down. Don’t, don’t, don’t let this happen to you. Stop it as soon as you can. It is so emotionally draining! 


Call it exactly what it is!   Lies!   Manipulation!

Don’t make excuses for their actions toward you or others. Stop thinking for them! They need to answer for themselves. They WILL repeat what they do! Their actions will be the same only in a different scenario! THE DRAMA is too much!

Don’t make the same mistake twice! If you’ve been through this, then you know this is a pattern.

Why make it a choice to stay?

Be good to yourself!

You Deserve Better!

YOU are in Control of YOU!!!


God Bless You!!