I’m mad!

I’m mad all the time!! It’s not fair! Why am I not the one smiling? Why am I not the one laughing or having fun? Why do I feel like I have a heavy burden on my shoulders from the moment I wake up in the morning?  I have EVERY reason to be mad! The cruelty! The abandonment of  partnership, relationship, LOVE!!  No matter how much I give in this relationship it is never going be enough! I always know more is expected of me and there is no escaping it!

I ALWAYS believe in putting in my full 100% into a relationship.  In an abusive relationship, the abuser will Always expect more than what is already being given! This is where it gets frustrating because no matter how much time and energy that is spent on them it is never enough!!

The meaning of the word “Relationship” to the emotional abuser, cannot be defined as sharing of their time and space with someone. THEY  don’t  SHARE ! They look for someone to do the sharing. THEY need the attention! They will take anyone who is willing to give the attention they seek, even for a short time. But the one having the relationship… is You!

We all know that being in this type of relationship, we’re angry all the time! With all the belittling, demeaning, and manipulation that has gone on for years, we self blame, and self criticize lowering our self-esteem. We feel so  ashamed. They have violated and played with our most sacred and genuine feelings. You never HAD to feel sorry for them, never HAD to feel guilty when you always did, and never had to take fault when it was THEIRS to take!

We hurt this unexplainable hurt, and it’s numbing and debilitating and destructive that we begin to neglect ourselves by abusing ourselves by over-eating, not eating, alcohol use, drug use, etc. It even becomes harder to walk into a shower.

It Is Now Time To Heal Yourself

I believe Self Forgiveness is the FIRST and most important step you can take to HEAL from EMOTIONAL ABUSE and help stop the feeling of shame. It’s YOUR peace of mind that can help you build back a relationship with yourself and others again. It is a healing like no other.

Self Forgiveness  helps you let go. We do find it in ourselves to forgive others and not harbor hatred, we CAN do it for ourselves too!!





God Bless You!!